Strong Clean

Strong Clean

Degreaser and detergent for kitchen; EU ecolabel and creadle to creadle; for daily use.

Article Number4002871




Product Description

Strong Clean is an ecological cleaner and degreaser for cleaning moderately to heavily soiled water-resistant surfaces in commercial kitchens and the food industry. Strong Clean can be used on worktops, walls, doors, floors, ovens, and all kitchen appliances and utensils. Strong Clean does not contain any perfumes or colouring agents. Strong Clean is free from chlorine compounds, other halogen compounds, inorganic acids, and petroleum-based detergents. All detergents used in these products originate from vegetable sources. All ingredients of non-mineral origin are fully degradable.

Use: Manual cleaning: Prepare a 0.6% solution by adding 30 ml of concentrate to a bucket of 5L water. Clean the surface and rinse with water. Floor cleaning: Prepare a 0.6% solution by adding 50ml of concentrate to a bucket of 8L water. Clean the floor with a mop. Double the concentration for heavily soiled floors. Rinse after cleaning.