Cream clean

Cream clean

Ecological degreaser and cleaning detergent; EU ecolabel and Creadle to Creadle; slightly abrasive.

Article Number4002721




Product Description

Cream Clean is an ecological, mildly abrasive cleaner for professional use. It is suitable for cleaning heavily soiled, scratch-resistant metal and stainless-steel surfaces and enamelled surfaces such as pots, pans, roasting tins, washbasins, ovens, bathtubs, sinks, etc. Do not use Cream Clean on easily scratched surfaces such as hard acrylic plastics. Cream clean is free from chlorine compounds, other halogen compounds, and petroleum-based surfactants. All surfactants used in these products originate from vegetable sources. All ingredients of non- mineral origin are fully biodegradable.

Use: Apply Cream Clean directly to the surface to be cleaned. Clean the surface and then rinse thoroughly.