DV 270.2

universal warewashing machine

Article Number DV270.2
Manufacturer MEIKO
entry height 650 mm
width 1490 mm
basket dimensions 1310 x 690 mm
Product Description

Universal warewashing machine of the premium class with large useable space. Thanks to its large useable space (passing height 650 mm, infeed width 1490 mm) big items can be washed hygienically. Using the carrier baskets which move easily on rollers, you can conveniently get large and bulky items under the hood. 

Quality & Efficiency

  • revolutinary filter system
  • active food waste particle removal
  • all-round stainless steel hood handle
  • auto cycle start by pressing handle
  • Double-walled hood as a standard- heat insulation; sound insulation

  • maximum efficiency of the washing process
  • optimal energy efficiency
  • advantage of decopled air flow
  • excelent drying results
  • easy to use
  • Air Box version– Centralised vapour management: signifi cantly reduces the amount of steam released; keeps steam away from machine operators; built-in condensate drain
  • Point2 Airconcept version– maximum energy efficiency: Instead of being released into the

    room, the hot steam is fed back into the machine as part of the heat recovery process.

All this and much more!

Premium undercounter glasswasher, dishwasher and utensil washer.

Available MEIKO GIO module technology positioned under the unit, besides it or behid it. Dimensions of GIO module:

HxWxD: 600 x 140 x 550 mm

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