gloves nitrilSTYLE

gloves nitrilSTYLE

gloves made of nitrile butadiene rubber, powder-free; available in S, M size.

Article Number4451001300; -400

ManufacturerHagleitner Hygiene International


Pairs per packaging50

Product Description

Stylish disposable protective gloves made of nitrile butadiene rubber,black,powderfree,non-sterile and ambidextrous.With excellent elasticity for good wearing comfort and with textured fingers for good grip in wet and dry conditions.Robust–high mechanical resistance.Free from phthalates/softeners and allergenic latex proteins–latex free,suitable for people with latex allergy.Fulfilling medical requirements in the tattoosector.For beauty and body art sector as well as areas subject toHACCPstandards, suitable for applications which are visibleto the public like catering, beauty or body art sector.
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