Industrial Cleaner

powerful universal detergent suitable for heavy soiling; capacity 5l

Article Number 12050001001
Manufacturer Dreumex
Product Description

Dreumex Industrial Cleaner is a powerful universal detergent suitable for heavy soiling. The product is outstandingly suited to the cleaning of floors, walls, tiles and machines. After use, it can easily be rinsed away with clean water. Dreumex Industrial Cleaner is suitable for manual cleaning or with a wet-scrubbing machine.

Product advantages

  • Highly suited for removal of animal and plant fats
  • Quick and powerful cleaning action
  • Suitable for HACCP plans




Cleaning power: 2-3

Dosage1:10 – 60

Environment-friendly: No

pH value: 11.2 – 11.4

Fragrance-free: Yes

Fragrance: Characteristic fragrance

Silicone-free: Yes

Application: By hand, Wet-scrubbing machine

Object: Kitchens, Machinery, Walls, Tiled walls, Floors



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