Power WC

Power WC

toilet bowl cleaning detergent; ready for use; capacity – 5 l.

Article NumberWC 5000

ManufacturerViss visapkārt tīrs



Product Description

Power WC is ready-to-use lime scale and iron remover for professional use. Removes lime scale and iron deposits from toilet bowls and urinals, different kind material bathtubs and sinks quickly and completely. Does not harm porcelain, sewer lines or septic tanks. Do not use this product on materials that contain lime, such as marble, bluestone, etc. It is formulated for sanitary room cleaning in food industry, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, garages, workshops, production areas. Suitable for acrylic surfaces. Odour- pleasant lemon. pH ~ 1.

Use: Squirt Power WC under the rim of the toilet bowl or urinal and leave to work for 5-10 minutes. Scrub thoroughly with a toilet brush and the flush.