Solu Cleaner

degreasant for the removal of mineral oils and greases; capacity 5L

Article Number 90650001001
Manufacturer Dreumex
Capacity 5L
Product Description

Solu Cleaner is an extremely economical and efficient degreasant for the removal of mineral oils and greases, bitumen, tar and rust preventative coatings. The product is wiped, brushed or sprayed cold and undiluted onto the engines, components or surfaces to be cleaned. As soon as it has penetrated the dirt hose off with water to emulsify the soiling and leave the degreased parts or surface perfectly clean. The product is non-acid, non caustic. Apply only to solvent-proof materials, such as metals, stone, brick, concrete, glass, etc. In case of doubt, a trial should first be made, not on an obvious place. Do not use on zinc(alloy). Do not use near open fire (welding-activities, etc.) or on hot surfaces due to fire-risk. For professional use only. Contains: Naphtha (petroleum), hydrodesulferized heavy.

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