San Forte

San Forte

Concentrated ecological cleaning detergent for removal of limescale; restores shine; Safe to use on all acid- resistant surfaces.

Article Number4002868





Product Description

San Forte is a concentrated ecological decalcifier for periodical and professional use. The product effectively removes lime scale from all acid-resistant surfaces (such as washbasins, showers, swimming pools,…) Do not use this product on limestone materials such as marble, bluestone,.. San Forte is free from chlorine compounds, other halogen compounds, inorganic acids, and petroleum-based surfactants. All surfactants used in these products originate from vegetable sources. All ingredients of non-mineral origin are fully biodegradable.

Use: Pour 50 ml San Forte into a 5 L bucket (1 %). Clean the surface with a sponge or a mop. Allow to rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with water. In case of heavy scaling, the dosage may be increased. Never mix San Forte with products based on active chlorine such as bleach.