XIBU senseTOWEL paper towel holder

XIBU senseTOWEL  paper towel holder

holder with sensor; paper towels in dispenser are changed automatically

Article Number1102011..

ManufacturerHagleitner Hygiene International




Product Description

Touchless paper towel dispenser "wood" to meet the highest hygiene standards. Place for 1 +1/2 multiRoll paper towels. Paper towels in dispenser are changed automatically, thus, excluding any possibility for the dispenser to run out of paper. Light diodes ensure simple and easily understandable information about dispenser status or necessity of refilling to user and service staff. Paper towel sheet is supplied to the user already being cut off. Easy to use with wet hands! It is possible to regulate the interval of sheet supply, thus, decreasing paper consumption costs.


110201150 white 110201160 wood 110201157 carbon 110201159 tech
110201153 steel