PAPERBOX can be easily mounted on the wal; size: HxW 700 x 340 mm

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Manufacturer Hagleitner Hygiene International
Product Description

XIBU touchPAPERBOX benefits: 

  1. Perfect service: The cover of the PAPERBOX can be opened with one hand forward. The opening angle of 120° makes emptying and refi lling easy.
  2. Good hold: With two stop positions, the PAPERBOX can be easily mounted on the wall. An anti-slip solution is installed at the bottom to provide a good hold.
  3. Well stored:  Directly integrated into the lid is the storage space for the refi ll. The garbage bags have a tieback so they can be closed during emptying.
  4. Heavy-duty housing: The high quality synthetic case is resistant to knocks and scratches. The surface is easy to clean.


4110201661 white

4110201662 black

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