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Why choose VVT?

Solutions for your everyday needs
No matter where you work – whether in the HoReCa sector, manufacturing, a public agency or in private business – we will offer you the best cleaning and hygiene solutions for your specific everyday needs. You won’t have to waste any more time researching hundreds of cleaning product options and how they may suit or affect you. The staff at VVT will share their competence to come up with the most effective solution for your particular premises.
Friendly to the environment, gentle on health
Environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products are powerful and effective. By cleaning your work spaces using environmentally friendly cleaning products you are not just treating the environment with respect but also being socially responsible towards your staff, colleagues and customers. Proven quality and effectiveness: our products are also the choice of petrol stations, manufacturing businesses and other high-intensity industrial facilities. Friendly to the environment, effective in action, economical in use.
Guaranteed follow-up service
We are aware that there is no place in your operations for annoying inconveniences such as a broken towel dispenser. This is why in addition to service calls we also provide free-of-charge preventive controls to make sure that the equipment we have installed on your premises works perfect. With no exceptions.