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About us

Everything for cleaning!

Viss visapkart tirs Ltd (abbreviation VVT) is a supplier of professional hygienic products, space cleaning products and accessories to businesses in Latvia and Lithuania. We help you with the things that are often taken for granted: a clean working environment where you and your customers alike can feel comfortable and safe.

Cleanliness starts with purity of thought

Our company was founded in 1998 with a clear objective in mind: to help businesses to devote more time to their main operations while leaving the choice of cleaning products and solutions to the experts in the field. Over the years, VVT has earned high praise from clients thanks to attentive selection of products, an excellent warranty and post-warranty service and result-oriented partnerships.

Whom we represent

VVT is the official representative of SCA Tork, Hagleitner Hygiene International, Greenspeed, Vermop, Dreumex, Columbus, Fimap and Wesco in Latvia.

Our care for the environment

Just as in our range of products, we seek to promote environmentally friendly approaches in our operations as well: we ourselves use environmentally friendly cleaning products, sort our paper and stand against resource waste. We are convinced that cost-efficiency, effectiveness, environment and health are essential values that deserve our attention in the long term – and will only gain prominence in future.

 “Cleanliness always matters, whether the times are good or bad. We are glad to be able to offer you solutions we have tested ourselves and found to work best in practice.”

Egils Ozoliņš, head of Viss visapkart tirs Ltd

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