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Click’M C Allround mop

Highly qualitative mop for dusting and damp cleaning.

Article Number 3391611
Manufacturer Greenspeed
Size 54 x 13 cm
Material 50% microfibre, 40% viscose & 10% polyamide
Weight 220 g
Product Description

Highly qualitative Allround Mop for dusting and damp cleaning of hard floors in areas with demanding hygiene requirements. Suitable for the Click’M C frame.

  • The mop slips onto the frame and magnetically attaches to the plate with one click. This ensures a lifelong attachment.
  • Excellent cleaning power & highly absorbent.
  • Designed for presoaking.
  • Designed specifically for use in areas with demanding hygiene requirements, such as hospitals or care centres.
  • The long microfibre threads make the mop perfectly suitable for cleaning uneven surfaces, such as stone or tiled floors.
  • Hygienic, handsfree removal of the mop from the frame after use.
  • Integrated colour coding ribbons help ensure correct area and surface use.


1. Wash the mop in the washing machine before the first use.

2. Slip the mop onto the frame, locking onto the magnets by pushing down on the handle.

3. Will clean 4070m ² floor area (normal soil).

4. Remove the mop after use by simply releasing the clip with your foot.

5. Machinewash the mop before the next use.


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