Click’M C mop frame

Sustainable flat mop system.

Article Number 3302015
Manufacturer Greenspeed
Size 47 x 6 x 9 cm
Weight 485 g
Product Description

High­ quality and sustainable flat mop system. ­ Intended for Greenspeed Click'M C floor mops. 

  • Ideal for places with high hygiene standards. ­
  • Innovative magnetic fastening that fixes the mop in the ideal position for an entire lifetime, simply with one click. ­
  • Extra hygienic in use, since the frame can be opened using your foot, allowing the mop to be removed from the frame without coming into contact with your hands. ­
  • Light and ergonomic in use. ­
  • The smooth, taut finish prevents dirt from sticking.


  1. Click on the green handle with your foot to open the frame.
  2. Slip the mop onto the frame, locking onto the magnets by pushing down on the handle.
  3. Mop the surface to be cleaned.
  4. Remove the mop after use by simply releasing the clip with your foot.
  5. The frame can be easily washed and disinfected

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