Click`M2 Twist mop

Click`M2 Twist mop

microfibre mop with inovative click`M concept;

Article Number710587


Mop lenght49 cm

Holder lenght42 cm

Propertieswet and dry cleaning

Purposeuneven and hard floor surfaces

Product Description

The innovative Click’M system fixes the TwistMop microfibre as well as to the plate with magnets which minimizes the chance of adhesion of dirt.

The Greenspeed® TwistMop is a star for the cleaning of hard floors. The long 8 mm piles make the TwistMop perfectly suitable for uneven floors, such as uneven tiled floors.

Some mops are difficult to use on non-skid floors because of the high friction. The TwistMop however, may also be used on these floors. The TwistMop consists of 50% perfectly cleaning microfibre and 50% polyester, which reduces the friction and ensures a smooth action.

The loop at the side ensures that the dirty surface does not have to be touched while changing mops. This changing is quick and simple because the backing of the TwistMop is made of Velcro. Colour-coded mops guarantee an efficient and hygienic use.

“We recommend using washing powder/fluid suitable for 60°C. In order to protect the evironment we recommend washing at 60°C and at maximum temperatures only when it is necesarry”.