Liquid detergent for industrial potwashing-machines; capacity 30 kg

Article Number4210300313

ManufacturerHagleitner Hygiene International

Product Description

Liquid detergent for industrial potwashing-machines. Component of the innovative, NTA-, EDTA- and phosphate-free “green efficiency” concept. Especially suitable for removal of persistent soilings from pots, pans, baking trays, whisks, etc. With special protector for aluminium- and varied metals, therefore optimal for cleaning of baking utilities in bakeries and cake shops. Dosage: Only applicable via the HAGLEITNER automatic fluid dosing system. Installation and adjustment is done by a trained HAGLEITNER technical consultant. Can also be used in case of high water hardness up to 25 °dH without liming the machine. Supports already with low dosing the self cleaning process of the dishwasher.


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