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Greenspeed HD microfibre mop

microfibre mop with inovative click`M concept; for dry as well as damp or wet cleaning

Article Number 710567
Manufacturer Greenspeed
mop lenght 49 cm
mop holder lenght 42 cm
properties large absorption capacity
purpose for all general cleaning/ heavily soiled floors
Product Description

The HD microfiber mop is multifunctional and may be applied dry as well as damp or wet. Ideal for applications where hygiene takes first place. For example, in hospitals (operating theatres, delivery rooms, isolation wards) and nursing homes. The HD microfiber mop is resistant to chlorine, strong acids and alkalis, disinfectants, etc.
The HD microfiber mop has a high water retention capacity which enables it to clean large floor areas. But it also has a high absorption capacity.

This Heavy Duty microfiber mop is made of 100% homogeneous synthetic fibres which prevents growth of bacteria and fungi. The mop is practically lint-free.
Mop is excellent for pre-impregnation with 4 to 5 litres for 15 mops.

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