noBAC® RA 55|B 40

scrubber dryer with the antibacterial fresh and recovery tanks; ensures HACCP hygiene

Article Number 21374032
Manufacturer Columbus
power 900 W
size 1200 x 550 x 870 mm
brushes 1
working width 550 mm
area efficiency 2200 m2/ h
Product Description

noBAC® – additive with 99.9% antibacterial effect

The noBAC® brand name – which has already been registered – refers to solution and recovery tanks made from a special blend of materials. Polyethylene is enriched with an antibacterial, inorganic additive which works from the inside out and reliably prevents microbial growth in micro-fissures, dead spots and rough surfaces. Bacteria find nowhere to breed, cannot multiply, and die off.

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