manual dishwashing dispenser; refill capacity 700ml; sensor for the touchless activation of the dispenser

Article Number 421080025000
Manufacturer Hagleitner Hygiene International
Product Description
  1. Resistant and durable cover.
  2. Flexible positioning with locks on both sides, 40 cm hose and 17 cm dispensing arm.
  3. LED signals battery level. Flashes red when the batteries run low.
  4. Cleaning button puts the dispenser for 30 seconds in standby mode to allow an easy cleaning of the dispenser.
  5. Sensor for the touchless activation of the dispenser. Depending on need, a prefixed or individual amount of product is dispensed into the sink.
  6. Simple change of batteries with the removable battery compartment. Alternatively, a powerPACK mains adapter can be used.
  7. Portion regulator to set a fixed dosage, adjustable between 1 and 14 ml, depending on the sink size.
  8. LED flash light indicates the operating status. Green means everything works properly, green-red indicates that batteries or refill is running low.
  9. 30 ml reserve tank for approx. three sink-fillings though the refill is empty. Allows time-flexibility in refilling the dispenser.
  10. 700 ml DISHES refill, highly concentrated and hypoallergenic, with the scent of fresh apples, supplied in the innovative
5 minutes after the dispenser was last activated, the content from within the hose is pumped back to the pump outlet to prevent dripping or a possible contamination within the hose.
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