Click`M mop holder

Click`M mop holder

innovative mop holder with magnets; lenght: 42 cm

Article Number61884190


Product Description

With this new generation of flat mopping systems you’re taking another step towards professional cleaning and combine the strong characteristics of the Greenspeed microfiber floor cleaning system with the advanced hygienic Magnetic click system. This magnetic click however is a patented mounting without Velcro.

Advantages of the Greenspeed Click’M mop system are numerous. We mention four:

1) hygienic:
dirt won’t stick to the flat mop base frame or to the back of the mop because Click’M does not use Velcro;

2) ergonomic:
fast and easy attachment of the flat mop to the Click’M base frame;

3) efficient:
the new microfiber mop always attaches squarely under the base frame and, due to the loop, may be removed effortlessly;

4) durable:
may be laundered more than 500 times.

The Greenspeed® Sprenkler Basic consists of an aluminium handle with an integrated water reservoir. This simple system replaces toiling with buckets and exertion with wringing. Maintenance of a hard floor is now easier and specifically, more efficient.

A simple push on the handle sprays a dosed quantity of water on the floor surface. The water pressure in the handle guarantees three strong jets from the bottom of the Sprenkler Basic, even if the reservoir is already more than 70% empty. The reservoir can contain 450 ml water, sufficient for the cleaning of a hundred square meters, maximum.