Floor washing device ARA 66 BM70

Floor washing device ARA 66 BM70

cleaning machine “ride on”

Article Number17 126 601


power2240 W

size1380 x 680 x 1170 mm

air volume max.32 l/s


working width660 mm

suction width850 mm

theoretical coverage max.3960 m2/ h

noise level63 / 59* dB(A) *- silent version

empty weight211 kg

operating weight (180 Ah 5)405 kg

rated voltage24 V

number of batteries4

solution tank capacity70 l

recovery tank capacity80 l

speed max.6 km/ h

brushes speed180 rpm

brushes pressure40 kg

Product Description

Suited to clean-up of large rooms. Despite the big size, this cleaning device has great features:

  • With a capacity of 70 litres, this ride-on scrubber dryer from columbus can perform efficient operations, even – and especially – in hospitals, supermarkets and other small buildings even with cramped and heavily-furnished areas.
  • Whether the operator is just 155 cm or 195 cm tall, the long seat allows everyone to find the right position to work fatiguefree and relaxed.
  • An extremely small turning circle of just 1.65 m.
  • Robust mechanics instead of electronics: simple operating switches to turn the machine on and off and for forward and backward movements. Mechanical lowering of brushes and squeegee.
  • Powerful traction motor and rearwheel drive allow scrubbing on inclines of up to 12%.
  • Optional: silent-version that operates at only 59 dB(A) and a security-kit for advanced security when used in facilities that are open to the public.
  • A faster clean: the area covered every hour is up to 600 m2 larger compared to the performance of walk behind scrubber dryers of the same size.
  • Just 138 cm long and 85 cm wide, the ride-on scrubber dryer it fits into all standard lifts and and can easily negotiate narrow checkout areas.