havon POWER

havon POWER

liquid special bleaching based on of active oxygen

Article Number4310300908

ManufacturerHagleitner Hygiene International

Product Description

Removes already at 30 °C difficult stains and bleachable spots like spots of red wine, curry, fruit etc. Provides an antibacterial and antifungal effect at 20 °C. Also ideal for textiles which tend to unpleasant odours like sportswear, incontinence laundry etc. Unsuitable for washing silk, polyamides (nylon etc.) resp. Elastomers (spandex etc.) Use as washing-power-intensifyer: 5-15 ml per kg dry laundry in addition to normal washing powder; Use for soaking: dissolve 20 ml (=ca. 3 full tablspoons) in 5 lt warm water, soak laundry max. 1 hour, wash afterwards as usual. Shake before use. Keep canister closed. Store at room temperature for quality reasons. Keep away from direct sunlight. For grease and oil containing stains we recommend havon FS.


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