M-iClean UL

M-iClean UL

untercounter dishwasher

Article NumberM-iclean UL


dimensions (HxWxD)820-855 x 600 x 680 mm

basket dimensions500 x 500 to 600 x 500 mm

capacity40 baskets per hour

Product Description

Quality & Efficiency

  • revolutinary filter system
  • active food waste particle removal
  • maximum efficiency of the washing process
  • optimal energy efficiency
  • advantage of decopled air flow
  • excelent drying results
  • maximal easy to use

All this and much more!

Premium undercounter glasswasher, dishwasher and utensil washer.

Available MEIKO GIO module technology positioned under the unit, besides it or behid it. Dimensions of GIO module:

HxWxD: 600 x 140 x 550 mm